Peneraju Tunas
Thrust 1: Peneraju Tunas

The primary objective of Peneraju Tunas scholarship programme is to ensure that eligible students from challenged areas and from low to middle income families have access to quality education opportunities that are based on developmental needs via placement at the right academic institutions within a structured developmental programme that enhances and strengthens both soft and leadership skills.

Peneraju Tunas aims at nurturing and developing talents through structured programmes to allow maximization of students' potential and opportunities which include providing nurturing guidance and support initiatives. The Peneraju Tunas thrust will provide students with scholarships in a broad range of areas, particularly in courses leading to high income employment. In tandem with the aspiration of the programme, Peneraju Tunas will ensure that the scholars provide direct engagement to the community and that the pipeline of talents to continuously grow.

1. Peneraju Tunas Geliga

Primary to secondary school – mid-level performers with potential from high-need areas; low to middle income families to be channelled into high quality schools.

Please click here for MORE INFORMATION on Peneraju Tunas Geliga scholarship programme.

Registration opens from 15th September 2013 until 11th October 2013.

2. Peneraju Tunas Iltizam

Peneraju Tunas Iltizam offers technical and vocational field scholarship programmes for teenagers aged 17-19 years old. There are various programmes under Peneraju Tunas Iltizam which covers different industries such as oil and gas, tourism, shipping and etc.

Application Requirements:
1. Malaysian Bumiputera
     - 17 years of age and no older than 19 years of age on application closing date
2. Challenging environment
     - Household income of not more than RM 3,000 a month
3. Interested in programme and can read and write
4. High determination and positive attitude

Registration for this programme is open throughout the year. To apply, please download the form here.

ATTENTION: Please ensure that all of the information given is accurate in order for YPPB to contact when the programme intake opens.

3. Peneraju Tunas Potensi

This is a scholarship programme for SPM/STPM leavers that comes from disadvantaged background with low household income but with potential to pursue quality tertiary education.

Scholars of this programme will:

Please click here for MORE INFORMATION about Peneraju Tunas Potensi.

The registration for this scholarship will re-open in April 2015.